[[File:IMI Desert Eagle|250px|]]
Country of Origin
  • United States
  • Israel
  • Weapon Type Semi-Automatic Pistol
  • .50 Action Express
  • .44 Magnum
  • .357 Magnum
  • .440 Cor-bon
  • .41 Magnum
  • .357/44 Bain & Davis
  • Magazine Capacity
  • 9 Round Magazine (.357 Magnum)
  • 8 Round Magazine (.41 and .44 Magnums)
  • 7 Round Magazine (.440 Cor-Bon and .50 Action Express)
  • Manufacturer
  • Magnum Research
  • Israel Military Industries
  • Saco Defense
  • Alternate Fire Modes Semi-Automatic
    Service Length 1982-Present

    The IMI Desert Eagle is a semi-automatic pistol and magnum designed by and developed by the companies Magnum Research and Israel Military Industries. It is one of the first semi-automatic pistols to be chambered in magnum ammunition rather than just being a revolver.

    Mario WarfareEdit

    In Mario Warfare, the Desert Eagle is seen in the hands of Bullet Bill who uses it in a hand to hand gunfight with his enemy Toad. He shoots Toad after his opponent realizes his Heckler & Koch Mk. 23 Mod 0 is out of ammunition.

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