Waluigui is a mercenary/plumber for hire alongside his brother Wario.Edit

he made his  appearance in part 7 of the mario warfare saga

(mario enters the room as wal watches silently from the overhead catwalk)

(waluigi casually approachs mario with a plunger in hand)

Mario : who are you?

Wal : me? Me and my brother are plumbers for hire.

Mario : brother?

Wal : oh he's not here right now, he's on a date with peach.

Mario glares speciously

Wal : my brother has quite a way with the ladies..maybe he's getting lucky. 

(Mario drops his empty Beretta and puts up his fists)

Wal : after you !

(Wal throws the plunger at mario and it land right next to Mario's face on a wall. Awed and caught off guard mario stares at the plunger) 

Wal charges mario and kicks out

Wal : Waa!

Throughout the fight wal taunts mario and pummels he with punchs and kicks. At last in rage mario kicks out at wal and through some pipes landing on wal. in reponse wal grabs a small pipe and beats mario with it but mario grabs an even bigger pipe and wacks wal with it the fight gets dirty with wal throwing a jump punch at mario only to impale himself on the plunger in the wall behind mario. After pulling himself togather and grasping what had just happened wal slumps down aganist a piller..dead.